CLC Saves 22% of Trees from Extensive Clearing on the White River in Settlement

For a good portion of the year, CLC has been representing Friends of the White River in a Tree Clearing Settlement Agreement with the US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to ensure that the proposed tree clearing on the Indianapolis banks of the White River represents the community as well as the safety concerns it addresses.

After extensive mediation, a settlement agreement as been reached, and 22% fewer trees will be cleared. The settlement also ensures a forested corridor covering more than 80% of the contested river mileage.

Also included in the settlement are the following secured details:

  • Willow stakes to stabilize the banks in places where vegetation will be cleared.
  • Improved access, with signage, to the river at the north and south boundaries of the project.
  • A commitment by the city  to increase outreach to reduce illegal dumping near the river.

Friends of the White River will conduct a walking check of the clearing boundaries before the Corps begins the cutting.

Click here to read the Settlement Agreement.