CLC Co-Sponsors Conference on Conservation Easement Law

The CLC believes that conservation easements are essential for conservation, and that they will be more effective if key public officials know how they work. Thus, in May, CLC joined with the Columbia University School of Law Charities Oversight Project and the National Association of State Charities Officials to sponsor a conference on the law of conservation easements.

Aware that millions of acres in the United States are conserved with conservation easements, representatives of the Office of the Attorney General from 28 jurisdictions attended. Some AG's had extensive experience with conservation easement law; many have only recently realized that they are likely to be called on to respond to conservation easement issues. Throughout a full day of presentations on the legal standards applicable to creation and administration of conservation easements, including a session with representatives from the Department of the Treasury, the participants discussed their experiences and expectations. The conference evaluations revealed that the participants found the day an essential introduction to the topic. Many AG's suggested that follow up sessions would be useful.